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Official farewell! Ben Affleck confirms not to return to the new Batman

  Posted:January. 31,2019 By:Shark Movies

Official farewell! Ben Affleck confirms not to return to the new Batman

Whether Ben Affleck will return to Matt Reeves (Rise of the Apes series) is responsible for the development of the new Batman independent film has been pending. Today, Ben Affleck finally publicly confirmed that he will pass the "Torch to the next generation Bruce Wayne". (There is no indication that the role of Batman will be completely said goodbye. Everyone has not said anything to death. Everything is possible.)

Deadline exclusive news said that Batman will be released on June 25, 2021, and Ben Affleck will "pass the torch to the next generation Bruce Wayne" - he will not return to play Batman, because now you need to find a younger actor .

Ben Affleck then confirmed this message via Twitter forwarding. He wrote, "I look forward to seeing Batman in the summer of 2021 and seeing the idea of Reeves come true."

Reeves had previously revealed that the new Batman film would not tell the "original story", nor would it follow Nolan's "Dark Knight Trilogy" from Frank Miller's original manuscript Batman: Year One. Reeves said that the film will not be adapted from comics. "We are working on a story that defines why Batman is a Batman and tries to tell a story full of emotions to show that he is the greatest detective in the world, and he lets I have been fascinated by all the reasons."

Ben Affleck is also a busy man, starring I’m Still Alive and Warner O'Connor's new Warner film Torrance.
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