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Captain Marvel North America's first weekend box office or over 100 million

  Posted:February. 15,2019 By:Shark Movies

Captain Marvel North America's first weekend box office or over 100 million Captain Marvel is not only a super hero, but also a movie market in North America that is steadily declining in the new year. The industry is currently forecasting that the film's first weekend box office will exceed $100 million, the best result since Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom created the $148 million first weekend box office last summer. At the same time, some box office observers believe that this value may eventually be pushed to 120 million US dollars, more than Iron Man 102 million weekend box office.

Captain Marvel is the 21st work produced by Marvel's Super British Film Universe. It is very likely to rival DC's Wonder Woman at the box office. After the release in North America in June 2017, the box office reached 103.3 million in the first weekend. In the US dollar, the global box office eventually accumulated $821.8 million, including 412.6 million in the North American market.


Captain Marvel Poster

The Marvel super-English film Ant-Man and the Wasp, which recently met with the audience, was released in North America in July 2018, with a box office of $75.8 million in the first week. At present, Marvel's highest-opening weekend box office record is the $257.7 million box office created by Avengers: Infinity War in late April 2018. Before that, the Black Panther released in February was a weekend of 2.02 billion. Dollar.

Captain Marvel will be officially released in North America on March 8th three weeks later.

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