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A Quiet Place 2 officially started the director to shine!

  Posted:July. 16,2019 By:Shark Movies

A Quiet Place 2 officially started the director to shine!

Recently, director John Krasinski has produced a brand new studio photo on his social networking site. On the photo is a plate cutter, the scene, the lens and the number of bars are written: "1". Below the board is the name of Krasinski and the second part. It can be seen that A Quiet Place 2, which has been discussed for a long time, has finally started up.

A Quiet Place 2 Boot

As a sequel, the early development of A Quiet Place 2 has gone through a lot of time. As the director, Krasinski said that he will explore the strange world lifestyle in the film and study the psychology of the characters. A Quiet Place is a self-directed film by John Krasinski, which has earned more than $300 million in box office worldwide. A Quiet Place is a very obvious concept-first horror film. As long as the monsters in the film that are used to kill the sound are used properly in the film, it is not difficult to shoot one or two sequels. Moreover, the film already has a pretty good start, and the next thing will become quite simple.

A Quiet Place Poster

The fear in A Quiet Place comes from an unknown creature, a creature that is hunted by sound. As long as the sound is made, it will be hunted, so keeping quiet is the only way to survive. In the film, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt play a couple. Blunt said that he wants to protect his children, and the husband is aware of the same. After that, their family was deeply immersed in the empty house between the mountains and forests. They did not wear shoes, did not speak, and tried to make no sound when they ate, because once they made a sound, they would be chased by mysterious things. Therefore, the film adheres to "keep quiet is the only rule of survival."

Currently, A Quiet Place 2 is scheduled to be released on May 20, 2020.

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